Marketing and Utilisation


Tubers should be free of surface wounds and bruises which reduces marketability and shelf life

The tubers are mainly sold fresh in local markets. They fetch better prices in major urban markets like Mombasa and Nairobi.

Utilisation and Value Addition 

Sweet potatoes can be consumed whole- boiled, roasted, deep fried or mixed with cooked beans, mashed and consumed as a complete meal. The tuber can be made into chips, crisps or dried and ground into flour.

The flour can be composited with wheat flour to make bread, cakes, biscuits, mandazis, doughnut, chinchin, crackers and chapatis. Sweet potato flour can also be composited with sorghum or millets and used to prepare uji or ugali. 

The leaves can be used as fresh vegetables or preserved. The vines are used as livestock fodder

Starch is produced from sweet potatoes in much the same way as from cassava, except that the solution is kept alkaline (pH 6.8) by using lime, which helps to flocculate impurities and dissolve the pigments