Ecological Requirements


0 –2100 M ASL and occasionally found up to 2400M ASL. The crop prefers lower and mild elevation zones.


Sweet potatoes is grown in a wide range of soil type, but does best on soils of friable/loose nature, which permit expansion of tubers.

Sweet potatoes grow best in fertile sandy loams and do poorly in clay soils. The crop does poorly in water logged, too shallow or stony soils.  Poorly aerated and bulky soils retard tuber formation and reduced yields. The crop is sensitive to saline and alkaline soils and they should be avoided

Too high fertility may result in excessive vegetative growth at the expense of tuber and starch formation.


It grows best at 24 0C, when temperatures fall below 120C or exceeds 350C growth is retarded


750 – 1000mm ideal but crop can withstand drought though under drought conditions, yield s are drastically reduced if drought occurs in the first 6 weeks after planting and also during root formation and development.