Soy Daycare and Food Program

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In the village of Soy, Kenya Gladys Adhiambo and Michael Esikuri host a daycare center for the preschool aged children of the village. Many of the parents find themselves away from the village the entire day in the quest for food, water and work. Because of the scarcity of food stuffs, many of the children of the center find their only meal of the day here. In the beginning, the daycare center supported only a handful of children, but at the last communication, the group has grown to over 80 preschool aged children.

Currently, we are collecting aluminum cans at the church for recycling. The proceeds will be used to benefit the children of the Soy Daycare. To date, over 3,700 lbs. of aluminum cans have been recycled and these recyclables have earned greater than $2,100 to purchase basic food stuffs for the Soy Daycare Center.