Shoe Polish

A shoe shine business can be a profitable venture that provides a valuable service for a variety of people. A shoe shine business has the appeal of being relatively easy to start and not requiring as much financial investment as some other businesses. There is also a finite and relatively short list of items that an individual who wants to begin a shoe shine business needs to acquire. With an optimal shoe shine location and materials required for shining shoes, a shoe shine business can be born.

However, as with any successful business, proper planning can make the difference between a successful venture and a failing attempt. The first step in starting a shoe shine business is to determine the best shoe shine business model that fits your needs. There are different kinds of shoe shine business models. To set up a shoe shine business, the type of shoe shine business desired needs to be determined. There are shoe shine businesses that are modeled as businesses in permanent locations. In this business model, customers come to the shoe shine stands or stations to have their shoes shined. Customers may also chose to sit and wait for their shoes to be shined while wearing the shoes or they may take off the shoes and still wait while their shoes are being shined.

Other shoe shine business models can involve mobility. Mobile shoe shiners move from place to place and do not have any permanent structures. The mobile shoe shiner is flexible and can generate a lot of exposure as a result of their presence in a variety of locations. There can also be a hybrid shoe shine business model that encompasses elements from both the permanently located shoe shiner model and the mobile shoe shiner model. Successfully starting up a shoe shine business requires determination of the shoe shine model that would work best for you.

Starting a shoe shine business also involves acquiring materials needed to shine shoes and also make your customers comfortable while shining their shoes. Such materials include sitting areas for customers, shoe shining kits and supplies like wax polish, shining cloths, cleaning supplies, leather conditioners, leather protectors, shoe horns, shoe rests, daubers and possibly complimentary business cards that can help advertise your business or let others know where you are located.

Advertising your business will help the business grow rapidly. Providing contact information can help generate more business and lead to other business opportunities. It is also a good idea to have advertising material ready so that it can be presented if people ask for it.