purchase of Chicken

Sources of Chicks


Day old Chicks

Farmers buy day-old chicks from hatcheries, which are mainly found around Nairobi.
Day old chicks should be ordered from reputable hatcheries for good quality and disease free flock. For farmers residing far away from hatcheries, orders for day-old chick should be done through reputable dealers. It is important to buy sexed chicks so that no males are bought for layers. It is also important to have Chicks vaccinated for mareks disease at the hatchery.

Main Hatcheries.

Some of the main hatcheries in the country include:
•    Kenchick,
•    Muguku,
•    Kenbrid and Sigma.
•    Rift Valley hatcheries.
•    Wachanga hatcheries.

When to secure Chicks.

•    Farmers should buy replacement chicks 5 months before disposal of the old flocks to ensure regular and continuous supply of eggs.