ANBI policy plan

Name of Organisation: Global Africa Initiative
CoC number: yet to be determined
RSIN fiscal number (Dutch tax file number): yet to be determined
Registration number: OP.218/051/12-0825/9227
PIN number:

Contact information

Visit address:
Global Africa Initiative
Kilimambogo Street, off commercial road
EcoBank Building, 1st Floor, room 25
Thika, KENYA
Post address:
Global Africa Initiative
P.O. Box 7252, 01000
Thika, KENYA
Phone: 067-20252


To provide education and basic amenities to school going children and needy Kenyans that will enhance the development of Kenya and contribute to the Kenyan economy and prosperity in the continent ultimately.


Initiative africa was started by staff members of Tradestar Kenya limited.  One of our corporate social responsibilities is to assist the needy.  Kenyans encounter very many challenges since Kenya is a developing country.  These challenges give rise to under-privileged people whereby children are the most affected.

Our main aim is to assist the needy by airing their views/stories and hosting them in the internet for others to see and assist.  We believe that every needy child should get an opportunity to express his/her concerns to well-wishers.   The website is not only used to create awareness of the plight of the needy but also to provide a link between sponsors and needy children. The donation given is used to provide basic needs like good, shelter, clothing and the much needed education to the children.

Our essential goals:

a) Provide easy access to clean drinking water by setting up water points from the local council or sinking boreholes where need be.
b) Charcoal briquettes (artificial charcoal), make and set up simple briquettes machine to enable the making and selling of charcoal to earn an income
c) Expansion of classes for school and build more pit latrines.
d) Assist school going children to have free or cheap lunch when in schools
e) To conduct training on better packaging ways and train in ways of taking care of litter.
f) Assist in training on good agricultural methods to the less fortunate for help in sustainable food production.

Composition of the board

The board of the foundation is composed of at least three, and at most seven living persons, whereby preference goes towards an uneven number. The board decides upon the amount of board members. A non-complete board keeps its powers. The board can internally appoint its chairman, secretary, and treasurer. One board member can uphold multiple functions within the board.

Names of board members

- Albert M Muthike (Chairman)
- Annah Wanjiku Muhunyo (Secretary)
- Alfred Githinji Ng\'ang\'a (Treasurer)

The financial reward policy

All board members are able to receive compensation of costs they have reasonably spent in order to fulfill their function. This includes travel expenses between living and working locations, and the ability to declare work related expenses. The board members receive no financial rewards for their work activities. Board members that are involved with the foundation on a fulltime basis receive a volunteering compensation.

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