Macheo Center

Macheo Centre’s profile
Macheo Children’s Centre was founded in 2005 by Marnix Huis in ‘t Veld and Maureen Kromowirjo from The Netherlands; with the main the objective of giving children a better future and to improve the circumstances in which many Kenyan children grow up. It’s not for nothing that we’re called Macheo, which means ‘sunrise’ in Swahili.
The center started with a children’s home for 56 orphaned and vulnerable children and has been growing ever since. Our activities are initiated and organized together with the local community, various (inter-) national NGO’s and the Kenyan Government.
Macheo Center is mostly involved in running a Children’s home, Primary School Program, Secondary School Program, Health Program, Family Empowerment Program and Income Generating Projects such as daily farming, greenhouses, Safaris.
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Our Involvement
Initiative Africa is undertaking an agricultural research project in partnership in Macheo Children’s Center.
Macheo farm is located in Madaraka, Thika, Kenya. The climate is moderate tropical with sunshine most of the year round and typical average temperatures of 25°C during the day, with the hottest period in January and February leading to the long rains and the coldest in July. The "long rains" season lasts from March/April to May/June. The "short rains" season is from October to November/December -

 We have planted 10 different kinds of plants. Most of the plants in the farm are green, healthy and nourished.

Tree Tomato
 Passion Fruit

Fruits provides health benefits, stimulates our brain and even makes humans feel better; In future we intend to engage in large scale production of the fruits well favoured by the climate - because we care.