Fairladies Self Help Group

This is a group of 12 active women who are located in Witeithie estate of Thika town. The group did not have any project before Global Africa Initiative began working with them. This group runs water and donkey project that was setup by Global Africa Initiative starting year 2011.

In this project, the group has established various water points set strategically at places where there is no/ insufficient water supply. They provide water to the locals at a small charge of Kes 3per 20litre Jerrycan and Kes 5 for the same jerrycan to hotels within the area.

The donkeys are used to transport water using wagons to areas where water cannot be supplied using underground pipes and areas that are far from the water-points. So far the group is able to employ 4 donkey handlers and 3 water sellers who are members of the group. Members also enjoy free water from the water points. Income from the water points goes to pay employees wages, water bills and the extra is used as savings for the group projects.

Classes’ construction

The group has also enjoyed assistance to contruct classes for their pre-unit and primary classes at Top Excel Academy. In its commitment to show importance of children education, Global Africa Initiative continues to fund the expansion of the school to increase the number of teachers and reduce the cost school fees. This will mean more students will be enrolled in the school and less will be roaming in the streets of the town.

Retail selling project

Global Africa initiative in its quest to ensure more income for the group members has began a project where the fairladies are able to purchase eggs from the Goldentop Rehabilitation centre for a cheaper rate and sell them at market prices thus making extra money.

The profit from the proceeds are divided among the group members with the seller getting half the profit while the other half goes to the group and enables them purchase extra eggs.

Other products being sold include maize flour, sugar and rice and we would like to keep expanding until they are able to have a mini-shop at each waterpoint.