Northview Youth Group

North view group is a self-help group founded in 1999 by a group of young men in pangani area Nairobi County. The young men in the group are mostly the jobless in the community and therefore they started it to create job opportunities in the area and for themselves
The main activities has been trying to create job opportunities for the young men in the area by starting a garbage collection project ...

Mission statement
Until all can afford a decent life.

Garbage Collection
Northview SHG is located in Pangani estate in Nairobi County…  The group has an ongoing project of garbage collection in pangani area; they collect the garbage from the flats around the area at a fee per house.
The group has 10 members and has so far been able to employ 10 more young men.Their clients are the people in the area i.e. the residents.Pangani is a well populated area and therefore the number of clients is quite good for the group.
They  use are: Carts (mkokoteni), the big paper bags for garbage, Gloves, Gumboots to ensure their health is protected. They have a small dumpsite allocated to them by the areas council government, where they dumb their garbage and the council government comes to collect it at a fee also.

The group is also running a Sports Arena.