Waruku Youth Self Help Group

Group Information
Waruku Youth Self-help Group is a self-help group founded in 2011. It was started by a group of young men, who are all unemployed; with an objective to improve their livelihoods and create employments and eradicate idleness among the youths.
Their main objectives are to promote savings among group members, Invest in income generating activities, empower the youths economically and nature talents by engaging in sports.
Mission Statement
To prepare every eligible youth in Waruku Location to become a responsible, participating citizen in transformation of communities by inspiring people throughout the town to open their minds and drive the community to a new era of development, growth, and productivity.
Project Overview
We are located in Nairobi County, about 8 km Nairobi City. The group was registered under the ministry of Gender, sports, Culture and social services in 2012.
They are a total of 15 members, whose age range between 18-32 years.
Our Activities
We are currently running a car wash business and a soccer club.