Riruta Apostolic Education Center

Riruta Apostolic Education Center was established in 2003 as a nursery school.  The SHG was started as a merry go round by a group of ladies from Apostolic Church (currently Solid Rock Church Of Jesus Christ); with the aim of helping the less privileged children in the community gain education. The center has with time expanded up to class three.
The group is registered under the ministry of Gender, sports, Culture and social services.They currently have 32 members; 27 female and 5 male.

Our board Members
Through an election conducted in 2003 after the group was formed, the group’s officials are;

Chairperson-Rhoda A. Omollo
Vice Chairperson-Dorcus Maline
Secretary-Shamim Amumala
Vice Secretary-Violet Mungangasia
Treasure-Albina Lwoka

Projects Location
They are located in Dagoretti Division, Nairobi County and 11.9 km from Nairobi City. The choice of location is wholly influenced by the residence of the members. The postal address of the center is P.O.BOX 4200-00100, Riruta.

Our Activities
They are currently going on with the merry go round as one of their activities besides running the education center. They now want to start a water projects that will benefit the Education Center in different ways;
            1. The returns will be used to support the children’s feeding program.
            2. At the point of water sales the group intends to sell fruits hence getting more income.
            3. The Center will need not to buy water, hence reduce on their expenses.