Onsite Survey

Onsite survey done by AIF members is used to collect and verify information that was included by the sgh members about themselves and the projects they undertake.

We visit the location/residence of the selected SHGs and also where the projects done are located, with an aim of verifying that the information given via phone or given by the SHGs during registration is correct and true. The site visit also assists members of Africa Initiative Foundation to get ideas on how to improve the status of projects already began and also look into other ways of creating other income generating activities for the group.

During the onsite visit, the group is required to provide full information about the group; their membership, group leadership, registration, projects, business plan and financial plan.

If the information given during registration is totally different with that collected by our team on the ground, then the NGO reserves the right to reject the registration based on dishonesty of group members.