AIF is a non-profit organization in Kenya formed in September 2012 but officially registered in June 2013. It assists women groups in development of sustainable projects that improve living conditions in communities by providing funds to establish them because when women come together they are powerful.


Poverty eradication/reduction
One purpose of these projects is to eradicate/reduce poverty in the community by enabling members of the groups to generate income to supplement their day to day activities.

Creation of employment opportunity.
Facilitate and finance sustainable and self-supporting projects which creates employment for self help groups, underfunded
schools and individuals.
These projects are intended to provide employment opportunities to those involved directly and indirectly with the projects.

Provision of valuable commodities.
In carrying out their mandate, these projects are able to provide sustainable supply of necessities such as water in dry areas and food e.g eggs and meat to surrounding community and to support the less privileged children in the society to acquire basic needs.