Poverty in all its aspects is showing our lack of commitment to share. It is an injustice which
seems as much as being accepted as it is ignored. Poverty is essentially discrimination to
deprive economical disadvantaged people the chance to flourish.

One of our objectives is to create awareness. There is nothing fair in letting the underprivileged
down. True leadership is not about self-servicing but to lead people in need first.
Lead them how they can be alleviated out of poverty and get their confidence back.
Confidence to stand up for themselves and join forces to build a future for their own and next

We would like to create awareness by showing what people have in common independed of
economic, ethnic, cultural or religious background. We would like to share our experiences of these
hard working people, who are desperately fighting for a decent life, with our viewers.

The solution in diminishing the gap between the rich and the poor is our willingness to take
initiative. We hope by better understanding what is really going on some misconceptions might
be cleared. We like to promote economical, educational and social development.